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How it works

Once the Shopify App is installed and activated our crawler analyzes your store and its products. Links to your store will appear on other Shopify stores using Interlayer when your products complement theirs.

Turn visitors into customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I driving traffic away from my shop?

The Widget will only be shown on the "Thank you for your purchase" page. That's when your customer already bought products on your store and is about to leave.

Furthermore, links will be opened in a new tab such that your store will still be open in the background.

Will this hurt my stores branding?

Customer Support and Customer Experience is of upmost importance these days. The Widget helps customers explore new products (including yours) they were not aware of in a non-obtrusive, privacy-preserving way.

Who wouldn't enjoy it when a sales assistant helps one find the right footwear store which sells shoes for the new outfit?

How do I know that it's working?

Every link the Widget displays includes UTM parameters ↗ which you can use to understand where your Shopify store traffic is coming from.

You can filter by "Source: Interlayer" in your analytics platform of choice to see how many visitors were sent your way via Interlayer.

Do I need to change my Privacy Policies or Terms of Service?

No. Interlayer doesn't track your customers. It's therefore 100% GDPR ↗ compliant.

Does using Interlayer slow down my shop?

No. The Shopify App is written in a way that it won't slow down you shops performance.

We are well aware of the correlation between load time and bounce rate ↗. Making the whole app as performant as possible is of upmost importance since day one.

What do I need to configure to use the Shopify App?

After installing the app it's literally one checkbox you have to check and one button you have to click. That's it.

Once done, Interlayer does its thing. You don't have to maintain or update it in any way. That's what we'll do for you!

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