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How it works

Once you've setup Interlayer on your Online Store, Website or Blog our crawler analyzes and indexes its content. Links to your site will appear as recommendations on other sites using Interlayer if your content matches their visitors interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I driving valuable traffic away from my site?

Interlayer will only show recommendations when visitors are about to leave.

On Ecommerce Stores, Interlayer will display recommendations on the "Thank You for your purchase" page. On Blogs, recommendations are only shown when the reader is at the very end of the post.

In addition to that we ensure that links are opened in a new tab. That way users keep your site open while exploring the recommended content.

Do I need to hire a programmer for the setup?

No. Our different integrations can be setup without any technical knowhow in a matter of minutes.

TECHNICAL NOTE If you're a programmer you're more than welcome to use and integrate with our API!

How do I know that this is indeed driving more traffic to my site?

Every link a visitor we're sending your way clicks includes UTM parameters ↗ which you can use for filtering in your favorite analytics platform such as Google Analytics ↗.

What do I need to change in my Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, etc.?

Nothing. Interlayer doesn't track individuals and is therefore 100% GDPR ↗ compliant.

Does using Interlayer slow down my Website?

Interlayer is programmed in a way that doesn't slow down your Websites load time.

TECHNICAL NOTE The Interlayer Widget for example is one self-contained JavaScript file. It doesn't request other files behind the scenes.

Does using Interlayer negatively affect my Websites SEO?

No. Interlayer automatically ships with the latest SEO best practices.

TECHNICAL NOTE Links for example do have a rel="nofollow" attribute.

My platform is not listed yet. Do you have other integrations?

We're constantly working on new integrations and would love to hear where you're about to use Interlayer.

In the meantime you'd want to use our JavaScript integration which can be setup in seconds via Copy and Paste.

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